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Silverbrook's All American Girl


*AKC Red Tri Female*


Click on camera for more photos of Arizona.


Arizona is the biggest sweetheart and she loves everyone.. She is the daughter of our Keighan and Bliss. She has beautiful movement, temperament and structure. She is our only offspring of Keighan and so she has some big paws to fill but I think she's up to it.

Sky Creek's Nova Rising At Silverbrook


*AKC Black Tri Female*



Click on camera for more photos of Nova.

Nova is a beautiful, sweet girl and so much fun.. she LOVES playing. She has a great pedigree. Both of her parents are CH, they have earned several titles. Nova's sire is Thornapple Where Eagles Dare and her dam is Silverbrook's Blissful Potential Star and Star was born right here at Silverbrook. Nova is a Shiloh/Bliss grandbaby. We are so excited to have our line come back to us to continue on.

Tagas Rouge Of Sharp Beauty


*AKC Black Tri Female*


  • Sire: CH X'Sells Sharp Dressed Man

  • Dam: 

  • D.O.B: 

  • Height: 

  • Weight: 50 Pounds

  • Pedigree: Coming Soon

  • Full Dentition

  • *Red Factored*


Click on camera for more photos of Tara.

Info coming soon about Tara



Silverbrook's Secret Love


*AKC Black Tri Female*


  • Sire: Dabbs Creek Jack

  • Dam: Circle M Blue Cadillac Caddy

  • D.O.B: 03-09-2009

  • Height: 20"

  • Weight: 60 Pounds

  • Pedigree: Click Here

  • Full Dentition

  • BET Producer

Click on camera for more photos of Sydney.

Sydney is definitely top dog around here and shes not affraid to let the other dogs know it. Shes enjoys being a momma

and showing off her babies. She will even try taking the other girls babies if I don't watch her. 

While Sydney does enjoy going for a "Bye Bye" ride or a walk she is super low energy at home. She has been this way from the day we brought her home. Everyone loves Sydney, she has a awesome personality and gets along with most dogs and just loves people. We could not imagine not having her in our family.

Horse Creek's Follow Your Bliss


*AKC Black Tri Female*


  • Sire: Buffing's Kool Kowboy

  • Dam: Onthehills Potential Asset

  • D.O.B: 02-12-2013

  • Height: 20"

  • Weight: 50 Pounds

  • Pedigree: Click Here

  • Full Dentition

  • *Red Factored*

Click on camera for more photos of Bliss.

Bliss is definitely my son's girl.. She loves to play with him and will even give him hugs. She is such a beauty with such a gentle soul and is very mellow. She is very reserved with strangers however and may or may not come up to you. This girl LOVES to run and will run herself to death if I don't watch her. She is ranked at the bottom of the pack and so she is an easy target for the other dogs to pick on her, but she defends herself pretty good. She has some great bloodlines behind her and is Serena's half sister, they have the same sire. She has some gorgeous pups and we are so happy to have her as part of our family. 

Horse Creek's Whitehouse Blackmarket


*AKC Black Tri Female*


  • Sire: Buffing's Kool Cowboy

  • Dam: Horse Creek's Photo Copy

  • D.O.B: 02-26-2010

  • Height: 22"

  • Weight: 60 Pounds

  • Full Dentition

Click on camera for more photos of Serena.


Serema is my shadow, I cannot go anywhere without her right next to me. She is a sweetheart but can be reserved. She likes attention but is also fine being left alone. She is a great momma and is very protective of her babies. Serena gives us beautiful babies and feel she has been a great addition to our breeding program and family. She is such a beautiful girl with a great pedigree, very well bred. This girl LOVES water and is the only one that will down in it... she's a hoot!

Silverbrook's Butterfly Kisses 


*AKC Black Tri Female*


  • Sire: Tuff-E-Nuff's Boomer

  • Dam: Pneu Natic

  • D.O.B: 03-16-2012

  • Height: 19"

  • Weight: 50 Pounds

  • Pedigree: Click Here

  • Full Dentition

Click on camera for more photos of Jewels.

Jewels is such a happy girl, her stub of a tail never stops wagging, even if she is barking at a stranger its still going. She also is a huge smiler and loves to lick people, we can hardly even pet her cause she just wants to lick you! She is always has a toy in her mouth just to carry it around. This girl always gives me huge, thick pups, I have never had a small puppy from her. She is so gorgeous with her 2 blue eyes, and can pass those blue eyes to her tri babies. 

~Gone but not forgotten~

Crossroad Acres Walking By Faith At Silverbrook


*AKC Black Tri Female*


  • Sire: CH ONTHEHILLS Light My Fire at Kiawah

  • Dam: La Dolce Vita's Puttin' On The Ritz

  • D.O.B: 03-12-2017

  • Height: 19"

  • Weight: 40 Pounds

  • Pedigree: Click Here

  • Full Dentition

  • *Red Factored*

Click on camera for more photos of Faith.


Faith is one sweet girl, she LOVES everyone. She is always on the move and man can she move! Her pedigree is loaded with conformation CH and she is AKC CH sired. We are looking forward to crossing her with Shiloh and Vegas. Faith is red factored, so when we cross her with Vegas we have a chance for all 4 colors..

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