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If you have purchased a pup from me and wish to leave feedback about your experience, please fill out the form to the right... I would greatly appreciate it... If you would like to include a special photo just email me directly at and type "feedback" in the subject line.

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October 31st, 2016


Hi Amee, 

I know I've told you this before, but I just have to tell you again how much I 'adore' my little Mia (registered as Silverbrook's Temptation's Guardian "Mia").  I hope the owners who purchased your other pups from Shiloh and Bliss's litter were just as fortunate with their pups to get one of the best dogs ever. Mia is the best friend, companion and guardian I could have ever asked for. Surprisingly, she rules the roost with the other dogs, but I have never heard her growl, even in play.  She has a loving home and great friends to play with. I couldn't be happier and am so blessed to have her with me. 


April 22, 2016


My husband and I had been searching for a pup for our son's upcoming 5th birthday.  We live in Florida and started our search on the East coast, working our way across the country.  So many of the breeders that we talked to either didn't seem to care, or they had such a high and mighty attitude that we decided not to commence with the process.  Once I called Amee, and we talked, I knew right away that we were going to get our newest family member from her.  The process went very quickly, as we didn't want to miss out on one of the adorable pups that she had available. 


I called Amee on Saturday and asked if she was available on Tuesday of the following week - she quickly accommodated us.  I booked my husband's flight and car rental that evening.  My husband arrived at 12:00 PM Tuesday afternoon, and was at Amee's house by 12:30 PM.  He had some quick decision making to do, as his return flight to Florida was at 4:00 PM that same day.  At that point, we only knew that we liked the looks of "Rayquaza" - he seemed a little more husky and fluffy than the others.  Amee warned us that he was the bully of the bunch and had a lot of spunk.  While my husband entertained the idea of taking home one of the other pups, and despite Amee's warning, he liked "Rayquaza's" spunk and ultimately brought him home to my son and I.  The customer service and honesty that we received from Amee is truly appreciated!!!  She was right too.  TUCKER, KC, Hunter Hendricks (remember this was my son's birthday present, so he got to name him) is a bully and is full of SO MUCH spunk, but we love him to pieces and he loves us.  With a little training, he will be the perfect companion.


While I don’t look at Tucker as a commodity, the purchase experience we received from Silverbrook Aussies and Amee far exceed our expectations.


Thank you, Amee.


Ryan, Gabi and Fynn

March 24th, 2016


We bought our first Aussie from Amee this February. We had researched breeders from all over and came across Silverbrook Aussies. From the moment we met Amee, we knew we had to have one of her puppies. Amee was just as wonderful as all her little pups; she really cares about each and everyone of the puppies/dogs she has. Amee took the time to let us meet all of the little puppies and the parents until we met our perfect match. Little Macy is 3 months old, and already she is nothing short of a perfect, healthy little pup. Macy is so intelligent, friendly, and loves to play with other dogs/people. She is the most loving and loyal dogs we could ever have asked for. 


Thank you Amee!


Kaitlin and Jerry

February 19th, 2016


We bought our first Aussie with Amee this winter! She has been a wonderful resource for us throughout the whole process. And, our Phog has been home for 10 days and is doing so well. He is smart and loving and the perfect addition to our family!


Ann Walter‎ ~ Kansas

September 11th, 2015


The boys are 10 months old and about 60lbs each.

Blaze, the black tri, is quiet and the typical loyal Aussie. Sits and watches us train the horses and hardly leaves our sight. Loves to play ball and wrestle with Gus. 

Gus, he's the athletic one, he loves excitement. We are in canine good citizen certification class currently and he is rocking it!


Monique Trojacek‎ ~ Missouri

April 8, 2014


Last year my wife and decided we wanted to add a new member to the family. We have owned an Aussie and Border Collie for a number of years. We researched the web and found Silverbrook Australian Shepherds. I was looking for a best friend that could enjoy our outdoors lifestyle. I found a snapshot of Scout and fell in Love at hello puppy. Amee was great to work with. The day came to pick-up Scout and up to that point Amee would send pics and updates because she understood our excitement. We traveled for 8 hours and when we arrived and Amee took the time to introduce our new pup and process the necessary paperwork. Scout has been a blessing in many ways. His personality and demeanor if perfect. He's a healthy fun friend. I would highly recommend Amee Davis and The Silverbrook Aussies to anyone. Great blood lines, great experience!


CW Conner ~ Nevada


April 8, 2014


I just acquired my first Aussie from Silverbrook Australian Shepherds this year, don't know why I waited so long. Amee has awesome dogs.

Thanks for my girl Amee


Peggy Bishop ~ Wisconsin

March 14, 2014


I don't mean to be biased, but when I look at pics of other Aussie's, they just don't care to your dogs. A Silverbrook Aussie has a beautiful, thick, and shiny coat.

Their markings are more spectacular, and nothing beats their sweet, intelligent personalities.

I am so glad I have your dogs. I feel spoiled and lucky! 

Thank you so much for my precious girls.


Bill & Karen Baum ~ Kansas

February 13, 2014


We would like to thank my Daughter Amee for such a great 4.5 month old BET pup named Ranger he is a awesome boy. Very pleasant and a joy to be around a big thanks to Amee, Kevin and Jaiden. 


Love You 

Dad(Bill) and Lynn ~ Wisconsin

February 13, 2014


Our Aussie Roxie just turned a year old. She is smart, sweet and beautiful and adds so much joy to our lives. Amee is a great breeder - extremely personable and knowledgeable about the breed and she maintains excellent records on her dogs. I highly recommend Silverbrook puppies to prospective families.


Thank You!  

Elaine Symanski ~ Kansas

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